Locally made, natural products created from beeswax.


Hi there, l’m Vicky, the face behind V’s Wax Natural,

I have a passion for health and wellbeing and trying to reduce the amount of toxins l put in or on my body, and my family’s. My two children were a huge inspiration for me. As a family we suffered from many skin irritations and allergies so l started reading up about the benefits of using more natural products like beeswax and created my natural balms. That’s how my passion became my hobby and now l love helping and educating others on the use of my beeswax balms and how it may help with their skin problems. If there’s anything you want to know please message me and I’ll gladly help!

My products are locally made, in Australia with all natural ingredients, contain no nasties, such as petroleum, they are safe to use for all the family and great for sensitive skin. I make these products for myself, my family and friends which have all used them so we know that they work. They have been made for people with sensitive skin or irritations in mind to help soothe, heal and protect. I make all my products by hand in small batches at home in my spare time.  I also work part time and I am a mum to two beautiful children. I’m driven by a passion to have a product that works and is natural for my family and others who suffer from sensitive skin and allergies.

I first started making my products as gifts for friends and family and soon realised they were good enough to share with others so I started selling at markets. I want to broaden the people I reach by selling on line which is why I now have a web site.