V's Wax Natural

Beeswax Fire Lighters

These organic firelighters are a natural and effective way of starting fires, whether you’re camping, having a BBQ, or using a fireplace or firepit at home. Unlike store-bought firelighters, they’re made entirely of natural beeswax. That means they’re free of the harmful chemicals found in other firelighters, which can be damaging to both you and the environment.

Of course, these beeswax firelighters have several benefits outside of being environmentally friendly. They also boast a long-lasting burn time of approximately 10 minutes, during which they emit a pleasant yet subtle beeswax smell. Additionally, our beeswax firelighters are incredibly lightweight, making them easy to slip into your bag. Made using the offcuts of our beeswax wraps, these sustainable firelighters are as natural as they are effective!




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